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January 10-15: Ordination Shabbaton and OHALAH Annual Conference, Boulder, CO

May 9-11: Hanna and I will be the teachers at the annual retreat of B’nai Or of Boston

May 18-21: Annual Meeting of the Academic Vaad of the ALEPH Ordination Programs (Philadelphia)

June 29-July 6: Learning Week for ALEPH Ordination Program Students (near Portland, OR)

July 7-13: Ruach HaAretz (also near Portland, OR).

Hanna and I will teach a course called “Kol HaKavod.”  Here is the description:

Kol HaKavod is a spontaneous expression of praise and encouragement used to acknowledge the accomplishment of an individual. Kavod has many meanings including honor, respect, and glory. It is the foundation of moral behavior and the gateway to Shekhina Consciousness. Kavod guides us in our relations with the Earth and asks us to open our hearts and expand our minds in holy dialogue and communion with all of Creation. Each day of our class, we will explore different aspects of Kavod through the wisdom of our liturgy, classical texts, and personal practice.

The class is complete in itself for all who wish to attend. For Smicha students, we will continue the exploration and create “Sefer Kol HaKavod” together with each person developing a chapter of the book as his/her summer assignment. There will be a Conference Call scheduled for the middle and the end of the six weeks that follow. In addition, Reb Daniel and Rabbi Hanna will be available for consultation during the writing phase of the project. This class will qualify for a unit of elective credit in Rabbinic texts, Hassidut, or becoming a Kli Kodesh.

For more information: Ruach Ha’Aretz Signature Summer Retreat



Winter/Spring 2014:

Issues in Integral Halachah for senior Rabbinical Students

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